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Ok let me tell you about Bumblebee.

I was waiting patiently for my turn behind all the small children elated to see Bumblebee. When I was next Bee looked over to me and did a double take when he saw my jacket. He pointed to me and then he pointed to himself and then back to me so I pointed to myself and nodded, giving him a rock out gesture. All of a sudden he started jumping around and dancing. Bee got so excited and it was absolutely adorable. Then he was happy when I came back and told him I found the Allspark.

He definitely made my night…


This is  like my experience with the bots at Universal when I was wearing all Decepticon stuff.  Optimus was pissed pointing at me and nodding ‘no’ every time I walked by and Megatron was too thrilled. XDD

The actors as universal are delightful. We met Bee when we went last year and he was so delighted by us. We met the actor later when he was off shift and he remembered us. Adorable guy!

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